500ml bio-based bottle

500ml bio-based bottle

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45,00 kr
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45,00 kr


500ml bio based drinking bottle made from sugar canes.

Non leaking bottle. We only want you to get the maximum joy and profit out of our bottle. We can clearly state that our bottles simply don’t leak.

Featuring oversize HASENJAGD logo.

Clear bottle for better view of you favorite hydration mix


Our promises

100% Recyclable

  • All our bottles are made from raw materials that are 100% recyclable.

100% Foodsafe

  • All HASENJAGD bottles have passed European regulations and directives on food-safety. Our production plant is accredited according to the ISO22000 standard.

100% Environment commitment

  • Where single use plastics are coming in for close scrutiny in the Worlds media due to the build up of this waste in the sea and the harm to marine life plus, the unnecessary filling of landfill sites. Are cyclable product becomes even more useful.